10 Year Guarantee

Tidy Bedrooms 10 year guaranteeWe offer a guarantee for 10 years so you can feel assured that you can call us if you need to. You will be covered for 10 years on all moving parts (hinges, wheels, guides and runners), silvering on mirrors and all glass paint finishes. We will also repair or replace the product or part of the product if a fault develops due to construction or material defect within 1 year. This is all in addition to your usual statutory rights.


In the following conditions ‘the customer’ shall mean the purchaser of goods and ‘the guarantor’ shall mean Tidy Bedrooms.

Tidy Bedrooms undertakes to repair or replace the product or part of the product free of charge in respect of both parts and labour if the product develops a fault due to defective construction or materials within one year or develops a fault in the silvering or painting of any glass product within 10 years of the date of installation and subject to the following conditions.

  1. That the product was installed by fitters operating on behalf of Tidy Bedrooms.
  2. That any claims made under this guarantee should be made within the guarantee period (1/10 years) and within 7 days of the alleged defect arising.
  3. That the customer shall not interfere with the permanent fixings or structure of the product without prior consent in writing of the guarantor.
  4. That the product has not been damaged as a result of negligence or accident by the customer or a third party, or by enemy action, Act of God, or any other ‘force majeure’.
  5. That the guarantor or his appointed agent, shall have been afforded reasonable opportunity to examine the product on site. If on inspection it is determined that there is no breach of guarantee, the customer may be required to pay the cost of inspection.
  6. That where the product may require maintenance, this shall have been carried out by the customer in accordance with any maintenance instruction supplied with the product by the guarantor in the manner appropriate.
  7. That the guarantor will be permitted to manufacture and fit any replacement in the most economical way and within a reasonable time similar to the guarantors normal delivery period.
  8. That replacement parts are manufactured in accordance with the manufacturing procedures current at the time of replacement which may incorporate modifications arising out of changed or improved product specifications. In the case of replacement parts the period of guarantee shall extend only to the limit of the existing guarantee.
  9. Tidy Bedrooms shall not be held liable to meet any claims for consequential loss or damage howsoever arising except in so far as the restoration of such damage or loss falls within the rights of the customer under common law.
  10. That although any mirror glass supplied by the guarantor will be of good quality, the guarantor will not be held liable to meet any claims arising from defects, minor blemishes and imperfections due to the glass manufacturing process.
  11. This guarantee is not transferable and is given in addition to and not in substitution of, all rights of the customer under common law and by statute.
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