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Bedroom refresh for DIY beginners

Your bedroom is a place to relax and unwind after a busy day, some would say it’s the most important room in the house. The bedroom has many roles but its main purpose is a place to get some shut eye ready for the next day. So if you’re thinking of investing some of your […]

Organising your wardrobe

When it comes to making the most of your bedroom storage, often the best place to start is to assess what you already have. If you can get your hands on a spare clothes rail and get everything out of your existing wardrobe so you can get a proper look at it this makes things […]

Best bedroom colours for a good night’s sleep

It has long been established that 8 hours of sleep a night is ideal to wake up feeling refreshed and raring to go. There are lots of things that can be done to encourage sleep and one of those is to consider how your bedroom is organised, in particular the colour scheme you chose can influence sleep. […]

Bespoke Wardrobes

  Why buy bespoke wardrobes when you can buy freestanding, off the shelf wardrobes? There are many reasons why bespoke wardrobes are the ideal solution for your bedroom storage needs. One being, with bespoke wardrobes every inch of space is utilized to store your items. There are no gaps between walls or ceilings, so the wardrobe […]

Built in Wardrobes

  Our stunning built in wardrobes maximise storage in any bedroom. Whether you have a large or small space to fill we will have a storage solution for you. We have vast experience of working in many different room types, we can accommodate angled ceilings, chimney breasts, alcoves and many more room situations that benefit […]

Wardrobe Doors

  When it comes to the style of your bedroom, the wardrobe is a key part of this. We have a lot of people inquiring about changing their wardrobe doors to give their bedroom a new lease of life. This is a great idea, if you are happy with the current layout of your wardrobe […]

Hanging Rail

When designing the interior layout of a wardrobe we would always recommend not including a hanging rail more than 1200mm in length. It is important that our wardrobes stand the test of time and if a hanging rail over this length is used it is likely to bow over time with the weight of the […]

Wardrobe Shelves

  All our wardrobe shelves are furniture grade board, available in a range of wood effect and smooth finishes. When planning the layout of your wardrobe, it’s important to consider how wide each section will be so none of the shelves exceed our maximum shelf width limit. In our experience the maximum length for a shelf is […]

How many sliding doors?

The number of sliding doors required depends on the space you have available in the room, wider spaces require more doors. A good rule to work out how many doors you need is a width of up to 2000mm usually requires two doors, up to 3000mm three doors and up to 4000mm four doors. One sliding […]

Wardrobe Carcass

  All our wardrobes are front frame fitted, meaning a full wardrobe carcass comprising back, floor, sides and roof is not supplied. These extra items can be ordered as a special request but will not come as standard. If the walls are left exposed it means the interior can be arranged so sockets for example […]

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Wardrobe Framework

Wardrobe framework is usually required for most wardrobes. For sliding doors to open and close properly the doors must be fitted onto something that is level and square. In most rooms either the floor, ceiling or walls aren’t level so to overcome this we would fit framework to your walls, ceiling and floor which enables […]

Angled Doors

At Tidy Bedrooms we understand the importance of making the most of the space you have to maximise storage. With our angled doors, we can make use of the awkward spaces created by angled ceilings so all possible storage opportunities are used. Angled doors run on wheels in the bottom track and also require a […]

Sliding Wardrobes

  There are lots of decisions to make when buying a new wardrobe for your room. It is a big purchase and therefore an informed decision is important. One of the big decisions is whether to opt of sliding or hinged doors. Here are some of the benefits of sliding wardrobes to help you decide […]

Soft Close Sliding Doors

  Soft close sliding doors are available and are a great way to eliminate doors banging shut when closing. The soft close mechanism is attached to the top of the door and an activator plate is then fixed into the top track to activate the soft close mechanism just before the door closes. If the wardrobe will […]

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Lacobel Safe Glass

  The coloured glass used in Tidy Bedrooms sliding doors is always Lacobel safe glass from AGC Glass Europe Ltd. This means you can be confident that the glass is regularly tested and certificated to the EU safe standard of en12600. You can also be sure that the glass is continuously and evenly covered with […]

Drawer Chests

  Drawer chests are a great addition to your bedroom storage. They offer some extra storage space outside of the wardrobe, which is ideal for folded items, accessories, toiletries etc. Our drawer chests are available to match your wardrobe, you can upgrade from wood effect drawer fronts and top to glass or mirror in any colour […]

Wardrobe Interiors

  Wardrobe interiors need careful planning to make sure you get the best interior layout for you and your storage needs. We are happy to suggest an interior layout that will suit the number of doors you have and the space available in your room. We can then work with you to check this is […]

Soft Close Drawers

  All our drawers come with soft close drawer runners created by Blum. This feature adds a touch of luxury to your wardrobe drawers or external drawer chest or bedside chests. The mechanism works by catching the drawer before it shuts to enable the drawer to close slowly and silently without any chance of the drawer […]

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Aluminium Wardrobe Doors

  Aluminium wardrobe doors are a superior product to steel framed doors. They will stand the test of time as the frame the glass, panel or mirror sits in has been made out of extruded aluminium not folded steel which is not as robust. Aluminium wardrobe doors are a bit more expensive than steel doors, but […]

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Double Sided Doors

  Double sided doors come into their own when the best place in the room for wardrobes is covering an access door to a bathroom or even another storage cupboard. Tidy Bedrooms double sided doors can be made to measure as part of a run of sliding doors to cover just the access required. The […]

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Chimney Breast Inside Wardrobe

  Chimney breasts are a common feature in bedrooms in older properties and can be incorporated inside the wardrobe. Our design team can help to plan a functional wardrobe that fits perfectly into the space you have, taking great care to maximise all possible storage opportunities. A chimney breast inside the wardrobe can be a […]

Angled Ceilings

  At Tidy Bedrooms we understand the importance of making the most of the space you have to maximise storage. With our angled doors, we can make use of the awkward spaces created by angled ceilings so all possible storage opportunities are used. Angled doors run on wheels in the bottom track and also require […]

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Planning Your Wardrobe

When it comes to planning your wardrobe there are some simple tips to help make sure your get exactly what you need to give everything a home. If you already have a wardrobe it’s a good idea to think about how well this meets your storage needs and then make adjustments to improve on it. […]

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Pot plants for your bedroom to aid sleep

Lavender Lavender is one of the most well known plants to promote sleep. This is backed up by countless research studies and has led to lots of products containing the lavender scent to help you drift off to sleep. Why not opt for the real thing and have a lavender plant in your bedroom to […]

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